The Hardest Part To Creating

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The Hardest Part To Creating

What is the hardest part to creating? Pressing the record button. I am a genius at manipulating excuses into reasons. I can’t tell you how easy it is for me to rationalize to myself that either: I’m not ready; I need to plan more; this script isn’t perfect enough yet; it makes more sense to push this to next week; this idea isn’t interesting enough; yada-yada.

And the longer I find myself in this procrastination purgatory, the harder it becomes to revive the creative juices. Sometimes, the only way to snap the creator’s-block-spell is to just put your helmet on, scrap all the plans, and hit the friggen record button. And today I did just that: pulled out the camera and made a fun little vlog about my morning routine and threw it up on my IG story.

I’ve found that making videos is more than just a creative outlet for me. If I don’t MAKE something, literally anything (write, take a picture, record a video, draw), I start to lose it a little bit and I would imagine I’m not very fun to be around. I chose this picture for this post for a few reasons: it is the picture I used for the thumbnail of the very first vlog I created for our YouTube channel; as a reminder that it is time to strap thinking-cap back on and start creating again; AND as a little “gut check” that 33 years old is too young to rockin’ the dad-bod.

Time to get back to work.