Snow Volleyball

Everything You NEED for SNOW Volleyball | Patagonia, Argentina

We teach you everything you need to know about the new sport of Snow Volleyball, discussing the rules, the proper attire and gear needed to play the sport and some of the offensive and defensive strategies of 3 vs 3 volleyball.

FIVB SNOW Volleyball Final USA vs RUSSIA | Kronplatz 2019

Arguably the best and most exhilarating final of volleyball ever. Team USA (Riley McKibbin, Maddison McKibbin, and high-flying Troy Field) battle their way through the qualifier and into the finals to face defending champions and heavily favorited, Team Russia in this three-set nail biter! Enjoy!

How To Play Snow Volleyball | The Snow Volley Vlog

Learn what this fun and surprisingly exciting new sport of snow volleyball is all about from the McKibbin Brothers and Troy Field and their adventure in the FIVB Snow Volleyball World Tour event in Kronplatz, Italy (played at the peak of the Italian Dolomites mountains!)

TOP 10 Crazy Plays Snow Volleyball Highlights

The top ten insane rallies from Prato Nevoso Snow Volley Italia and FIVB Snow Volleyball World Tour Kronplatz are a MUST WATCH.

Snow Volleyball | A New Spin to Volleyball

Another adventure in volleyball begins in the north Italy, Prato Nevoso in our very first snow volleyball experience…