Beach Volleyball Workouts

Preseason Beach Volleyball Workout

If you live in Hermosa Beach, California, YOU have to meet our trainer, Chelsea Hayes, shoot her an email to book a consultation. Also you may download the free PDF version of this workout right here.


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Beach Workout #1 (No Equipment Needed)

This is one of the full-body workouts we do at the beach to help strengthen those sand legs and build up that cardio, gearing up for season. To download the PDF version of the workout for free, just click that link below!


Beach Workout #2 - Strength & Cardio (No Equipment Needed)

A strength and cardio beach workout with no equipment required. Beginning with full body mobility exercises, followed by three different strength and cardio circuits, and ending with core and ab exercises. This is another great workout we do either by itself or as a post-practice finisher.