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The Art of Improving in Sports | Get Better FASTER

What separates the great athletes from the rest? How elite athletes think and how they approach training to learn faster and maximize their improvement. Here are two quick tips you can implement immediately to break through plateaus not just in sports, but in all facets of life.

The Greatest Upset & The Power of Confidence

Telling the story of nearly the greatest upset in beach volleyball history I discuss the power of instilling and developing confidence in young athletes and how by doing so can give you a fighter's chance in overcoming impossible odds.

Practice Like a Pro: PART 1 Geena Urango

AVP Beach Volleyball Pro, Geena Urango walks us through how she structures her practices in order to be as effective as possible with her time. Prior to practicing or competing in a tournament she writes down three specific skills she wants to work on, and then after practice she identifies one thing that went well and one thing to work on.

Practice Like a Pro: Part 3 Geena Urango

In Part 3 of AVP Beach Volleyball Pro, Geena Urango’s “Practice like a Pro”, she explains how the goals she set for herself played out in practice, and that sometimes things don’t always go as planned. Yet one of the key aspects of all of this is to always evaluate what went well, and what she needs to work on, so come next practice, she knows exactly what her next three practice goals will be.

JUST START | No More Excuses

How to Achieve Your Goals - Sports Psych

The Art of Breathing - Sports Psych Meets Beach Volleyball

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