Beach Volleyball Passing

How to Pass a Volleyball | Beach Volleyball Serve Receive Fundamentals

In this beach volleyball master class, learn how to pass and the proper beach volleyball serve receive fundamentals from Olympian and one of the best passers on the AVP professional beach volleyball tour, Chaim Schalk. In this first chapter of the 4-part beach volleyball master class video series you will improve your serve receive footwork, learn mental cues to help better your passing immediately, and discuss some of the key differences between passing in beach volleyball and indoor volleyball.

Beach Volleyball PASSING Technique Explained | Serve Receive Tips

Improve your beach volleyball passing technique in under 7 minutes with Olympian and AVP pro, Chaim Schalk revealing his top serve receive tips and secrets, and explaining proper beach volleyball passing technique for BEGINNERS AND PROFESSIONALS in part two of the Beach Volleyball Passing Master Class.

How to Pass a Hard Serve in Beach Volleyball

In beach volleyball the hardest serves are reaching speeds of OVER 110 km/hr (and over 70 miles per hour) and in this beach volleyball tutorial we teach how to receive such fast and powerful serves AND how to improve your offense & beach volleyball vision of the opponent's defense with "The Vision Box".

Improve Your Beach Volleyball Passing in 5 minutes

Improve your beach volleyball passing in 5 minutes. Professional beach volleyball player and olympian, Chaim Schalk gives us all four of his greatest beach volleyball passing secrets that has made one of the best passers in the world of beach volleyball.

How to Pass - Serve Receive Tutorial

AVP beach volleyball newcomer of the year, Chase Frishman, teaches how to pass a volleyball and discusses the proper technique to serve receive, applicable to both indoor volleyball and beach volleyball.

Beach Volleyball Passing Tip - Where To Pass

In beach volleyball, the location of where it is most ideal to pass, both in serve receive and in free ball situations, differs from that of indoor volleyball. In this beach volleyball tutorial we teach where the most ideal place to pass the first contact in beach volleyball.