Beach Volleyball Serving & Receiving

How to Pass a HARD Serve in Beach Volleyball

In beach volleyball the hardest serves are reaching speeds of OVER 110 km/hr (and over 70 miles per hour) and in this beach volleyball tutorial we teach how to receive such fast and powerful serves AND how to improve your offense & beach volleyball vision of the opponent's defense with "The Vision Box".

How to Jump Serve

Voted best server two years in a row on the AVP Tour, Geena Urango teaches the proper technique to jump serving a volleyball, applicable both to indoor volleyball and beach volleyball.

3 Passing Prep Tips to Improve your Beach Volleyball Serve Receive

Serve receive in both beach volleyball and indoor volleyball can be one of the most frustrating and difficult skills to master and in this beach volleyball tutorial we give you three quick tips to help improve your serve receive and passing location.