Beach Volleyball Films & Docs

The Black Book of the AVP | Beach Volleyball Secrets

No beach volleyball secrets are safe when the McKibbin Brothers run AVP Media Day... We interviewed 30 of the AVP's top athletes in three days, put them in some uncomfortable and highly entertaining situations and uncovered an unlimited supply of drama, gossip, and beach volleyball tips, tricks, strategies. This is just the beginning...

Beach Volleyball Island | Maldives Vlog

An island deep in the Maldives solely dedicated to Beach Volleyball??? After 40 hours of travel literally halfway around the world, the McKibbin brothers compete in the first ever international beach volleyball tournament in the Maldives, staying at a beach front villa of the 5-Star Furaveri Resort for an entire week. Enjoy another episode of The Adventures in Volleyball | Maldives Vlog.

The Most EXOTIC BEACH Volleyball Tournament in the WORLD

Hands down the most beautiful and most exotic beach volleyball tournament in the world, located on the small island of Furaveri in the Maldives. Ocean-front bungalow with sharks and manta ray swimming right up to shore, giant bats flying overhead and a scenery you can't imagine.


What happens when you put Taylor Crabb, Casey Patterson, Troy Field, Brian Cook and the McKibbin brothers, Riley & Maddison all on the same beach volleyball team...The Greatest 4-Man Beach Volleyball Team in the World?

The Godfather of The Vancouver Open | Beach Volleyball Film

The best beach volleyball tournament you never heard of, The Vancouver Open, started 30 years ago with one man, two telephone poles, Wilt Chamberlain and a willow tree, and now has evolved into an epic international beach volleyball tournament with teams from all over the world (Brazil, USA, New Zealand, Czech Republic, Canada, etc.), an insane fanbase, a beachside beer garden, a unique Skyball Rule, and a more than interesting history. Enjoy!

ERIC ZAUN | Ode to "The Road Dog"

This is a tribute to professional beach volleyball player and our good friend, Eric Zaun aka “The Road Dog” who tragically passed away on June 11th, 2019. Eric Zaun was a true competitor who played the game with unmatched passion; an entertainer with wit and a playful sense of humor who had a way with his words that could light up a room; and a friend with a gentle soul who touched the lives of many, fans and fellow players alike. We are so proud of the beach volleyball community that all rallied together to help produce this short film, volunteering their stories, memories and personal footage they shared with Eric. This video is for you, my brother. May you rest in peace, and may your legend live on for eternity.


5 AVP Pro Beach Volleyball Players join forces with 3 NBA legends for an absolutely epic 4 v 4 beach volleyball match. LA Lakers head coach, Luke Walton teams up with former Olympian Sean Rosenthal and the McKibbin Brothers to compete against NBA greats, Richard Jefferson & Chase Budinger, and AVP all-stars Stafford Slick & Casey Patterson in this battle royale, winner-takes-all, 2 out of 3 set beach volleyball extravaganza with Lakers' Studio anchor, Chris McGee on the mic. "Win the crowd, and you will win your freedom..."

Battle of the Beards - Loser Shaves

Casey Patterson and Stafford Slick challenge The McKibbin Brothers, Riley and Maddison to a beach volleyball match...LOSER SHAVES! See who returns hairy and victorious and stay tuned till the end of the video where the winners shave the losers' beards!!!