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The McKibbin Brother Story

Riley McKibbin and Maddison McKibbin are professional beach volleyball players, content creators for their YouTube channel, run a production company specializing in sports media, and consult with companies, brands, and athletes about branding and media.

Riley (on the right; see below) & Maddison (on the left) were born two years apart on the island of Oahu and grew up playing volleyball on the grass of their backyard and the beaches of Hawaii. Their journey in the sport of volleyball is unique in that they are the only brothers in history to have played on the same team in high school, college, and professionally overseas for indoor volleyball; and now continue to play professional beach volleyball together on the AVP and FIVB tours. Their newest venture together has moved to the snow, where they are currently ranked #1 in the world for FIVB Snow Volleyball.


In the spring of 2015 the McKibbin Brothers made two big decisions. The first: retire from playing professional indoor volleyball in Europe and take a stab at the USA’s domestic pro beach volleyball tour, The AVP. The second: stop shaving. In September of 2017 they created the very first YouTube channel dedicated to beach volleyball, teaching the sport through video tutorials, drills and beach workouts. Their channel has since evolved adding vlogs, beach volleyball matches with slow motion replay, beach volleyball mini documentaries, exposition matches, and more. Their mission is to grow the sport of beach volleyball by bringing the athletes’ stories to life, and by uniting beach volleyball communities around the world through visual storytelling.

Riley & Maddison write, shoot, edit and distribute all of their content. Everything they know about content creation, from creative writing to videography, ironically enough, was learned through YouTube, watching online tutorials, reading books, or trial by fire. The McKibbin Brothers describe their journey as "a tumultuous adventure, wrought with more arguments, fights and speed bumps than you could possibly imagine, and yet, here we stand, together as a team both on the beach volleyball court and in the editing-room, and we still ain’t done yet..."

The brothers now consult and produce video content including commercials, social media, and docu-series for brands like Wilson Sporting Goods, Waiakea Water, and Obsesh.