AVP Porsche Cup - Qualifier Predictions

AVP Qualifier Bracket Competition - **Entries Closed!**

Much like March Madness for NCAA Basketball but for the men's and women’s AVP Beach Volleyball Qualification day on July 31st. For both the male and female qualifications, pick which team you think will win each match and which two teams from each gender will make it into the main draw. In the final round, to serve as a tie breaker in the case of multiple perfect brackets, contestants must write down what you think the final scores will be. The men's and women’s qualification brackets are separate competitions so you do not need to have both brackets perfect in order to win.


Powered By Wilson

The two contestants with the perfect brackets in either men or woman will win a Wilson AVP backpack and new Wilson Optx Ball! **Click the prizes to learn more**

Rules & Deadline

- Entries must be submitted by 7am PST on Friday July 31st

- Only one submission per person

- To see results of past qualifications tournaments visit https://avp.com/brackets/

Winner Announcement

Winner will be announced directly via email and social media on Tuesday August 4th.