The Volley Vlog

"The Grind is Not Glamorous" - Casey Neistat

The Volley Vlog gives us a chance to show what the life of being a professional beach volleyball player Looks like, giving you an inside look into what we eat, how and with whom we train, workout tips, etc.  anything and everything that you might want to know about what the Pros are doing right now...all in a fun yet informative way, ENJOY!


VLOG_01: The Volley Vlog Begins

Take a peek into what my entire day looks like from what I eat, how I prepare for beach volleyball practice, how to win a social media contest, and how we make some of the MCK Volleyball videos.


VLOG_02: Pre and Post Workout Shakes

In this vlog I show you what kinds of supplements I take before I workout, give a quick and healthy recipe for my post workout shake, open a few gifts, prank my roommate and speak a little Italian. Ciao!


VLOG_03: How to fight frustration

VLOG_03: Well, we play beach volleyball against ex-NBA basketball player Chase Budinger and Olympian Sean Rosenthal, upcoming AVP team Branden Clemens and Ben Vaught, AND discuss frustration, its origins and a few steps I took to fight through the frustration this past week. I also hit the weight room, speak some French and Italian and heckle some beach rats. Enjoy!

VLOG_04: Beach Volleyball: More than a game

Vlog_04: WE NEEDED HELP! And the beach volleyball community delivered! Beach volleyball is more than a sport, it's a lifestyle, it's a community...and in this vlog we show you exactly what we mean.


Vlog_05: AVP Media Day

The Volley Vlog_05: Sneak peek of AVP Pro Beach Volleyball Tour's Media Day with behind-the-scenes McKibbin Brother shenanigans. We were asked to do some ridiculous things and answer even sillier questions, but our responses are....haha well you'll just have to see for yourself ;)



5 AVP Pro Beach Volleyball Players join forces with 3 NBA legends for an absolutely epic 4 v 4 beach volleyball match. LA Lakers head coach, Luke Walton teams up with former Olympian Sean Rosenthal and the McKibbin Brothers to compete against NBA greats, Richard Jefferson & Chase Budinger, and AVP all-stars Stafford Slick & Casey Patterson in this battle royale, winner-takes-all, 2 out of 3 set beach volleyball extravaganza with Lakers' Studio anchor, Chris McGee on the mic. "Win the crowd, and you will win your freedom..."

VLOG_06: The AVP | FIVB Huntington Beach Volley Vlog

The McKibbin Brother's Vlog of the FIVB / AVP 2018 Huntington Beach Volleyball Tournament documenting what the tournament, the matches, the parties and especially the AVP VIP area is like from the players' perspectives.


VLOG_07: The Players Tent | AVP AUSTIN 2018

Vlog_07: The professional beach volleyball players on the AVP are HILARIOUS! In this video we take you behind the scenes of the AVP Austin tournament and show you what the athletes are really like in person including, April Ross, Taylor Crabb, Casey Patterson, Stafford Slick, Alix Klineman, Chase Frishman, Jeremey Casebeer, Sara Day, Sheila Shaw, Katie Spieler, Troy Field and more! We couldn't stop laughing making this video...Enjoy!



The 2018 AVP Austin Open was SUCH a great event. ALL the best beach volleyball teams in the USA came to compete in the steamy hot weather. We got heckled, we got sweaty, we shot some ridiculous content with Amazon Prime, we take you BTS with Casey Patterson and Stafford Slick and listen to what they talk about during timeouts, Riley almost crashed a 1977 Ford F-250 (stick shift), and we really got to experience that good ol' Texas hospitality. The McKibbin Brothers can't thank you enough Austin, TX!