Sports PsycH

The difference between the top two teams and the next ten in Volleyball is much less a physical matter than it is mental. In these videos we dive into the realm of sports psychology and discuss some of these mental tips and tricks that we've learned to help get you to the next level.


JUST Start | NO More Excuses

It starts to get real easy rationalizing to yourself why you can't do something and sometimes all you need is just the push of a button to break the spell and jumpstart your life back into gear.


Practice Like A Pro: PART I

AVP Beach Volleyball Pro, Geena Urango, walks us through how she structures her practices in order to be as effective as possible with her time. Prior to practicing she writes down three specific skills she wants to work on, and then after practice she IDentifies one thing that went well and one thing to work-on.


Practice like a pro: PART II

AVP Beach Volleyball Pro, Geena Urango takes us through her entire practice plan with specific beach volleyball drills structured to achieve her goals set out in “Practice Like a Pro: PART 1”. Her practice plan is made up of 5 drills including Vollis, Hitting Lines with POH (Point of Hesitation aka "The Batter's Box"), Controlled Transition Setting, Hawaii 5-0 and finishing off with Match Play.


Practice like a pro: PART III

In Part 3 of AVP Beach Volleyball Pro, Geena Urango’s “Practice like a Pro”, she explains how the goals she set for herself played out in practice, and that sometimes things don’t always go as planned. Yet one of the key aspects of all of this is to always evaluate what went well, and what she needs to work on, so come next practice, she knows exactly what her next three practice goals will be.

How To Achieve Your Goals - Sports Psych Strategies

Without a plan of action, Goals are merely intentions so In this Video Our Sports Psychologist, Devin Markle discusses a few mental and physical strategies on how achieve the goals that we set throughout the year. Download Your own 7-Day and 30-Day Goal-Setting worksheets by clicking the buttons below!!!


Conquer Your Nerves - Breathing Techniques

One of the biggest misconceptions about pro athletes is that they never get nervous...well, we do! In this video we talk with sports psychologist, Devin Markle about a breathing technique to help embrace the present, calm your nerves, and bring more oxygen to your body.


Defensive Mindset - Beach Volleyball

In this video i discuss a little beach volleyball defensive mantra of mine that has helped me become a better defender