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General Admission to The 4-Man | ATX on October 23rd, 2021 NOW AT MOONTOWER SALOON in Austin, Texas. Two AVP men's and two AVP women's 4-Man teams will go up against the best teams of Texas for the chance to win $20,000. Preliminary rounds start at 9am.

1 Day. 12 hours of volleyball. Watch the best players in the world, including Olympic Gold Medalist April Ross, 5 Olympians from both the beach and indoor, 11 AVP champions, and many more AVP pros.

DISCLAIMER: Due to the venue size there is a limited amount of tickets available for purchase. We ask that you limit your order amount to a maximum of 4 tickets per person. In the event that more than 4 tickets are purchased by a single individual, you will be refunded within the day for any tickets over the amount of 4.