The Best Team Ever?

Can anyone beat Phil Dalhausser and Nick Lucena? LA Lakers sports analyst, Chris McGee and beach volleyball great, Tim Hovland have an answer. A new sibling rivalry is born on the beach, the Budinger brothers, Chase and Duncan meet for the first time for an insane battle. And nationally ranked Cornhole champion gives us 3 tips to improve your bean-sack toss. A lot went down at the grand-daddy of them all: the 2018 AVP Manhattan Beach Open. Enjoy!


Sibling Rivalries Make Athletes

The McKibbin brothers, Riley and Maddison, and the Budinger brothers, Duncan and Chase chat about how our childhood sibling rivalries and never-ending daily battles led to some of the athletic successes of today. Casey Patterson finds his long lost brother and Tri Bourne makes his comeback from a two-year hiatus from beach volleyball to the AVP Championships in the Chicago Open.


KIng of the Court Honolulu, Hawaii

What and who is King of the Court? The McKibbin Brothers, The Volley Vikings, Nick Lucena and Phil Dalhausser argue about pool play of King of the Court Hawaii beach volleyball series over mai tais.